DEMOCRACY 2.0: Rules of Order for Everyday Democrats is the KISS alternative to Robert’s Rules of Order. It is a democratic meeting system for practical use by ordinary people facing everyday realities, specifically tailored to fit the needs of small to medium-sized non-profits.


Rules of Order for Everyday Democrats

The basic DEMOCRACY 2.0 rules of order manual is The Voting Member's Handbook©, which is available as a PDF download with extensive internal hyperlinks ideal for quick reference on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. At only 39 pages The Voting Member's Handbook© is a rigorous and comprehensive rules of order system that is accessible to anyone and takes just a couple hours of reading to master.

Try DEMOCRACY 2.0 in Your Organization

To try out the D2.0 system please download the PDF and look over the 39-page basic rules, titled The Voting Member’s Handbook©. The rule system is quick to read and easy to master. We are so confident you will fall in love with it that we allow you to download the first draft of The Voting Member’s Handbook using the honour system.

Read it. Share it with the other voting members of your group. Try it at one of your meetings. If you decide against using the rule system simply delete all copies and pay nothing.

If you like D2.0 and wish to use it in your organization we allow The Voting Member’s Handbook© to be shared with the other members of your group using the honour system. The PDF form of this book may be copied and shared with others in your organization; if your group decides to use the D2.0 system for their meetings we simply ask each individual who keeps a copy to pay for the manual, 100% of which goes directly to support the author’s continued development of the D2.0 system.



The Solon Academy also offers membership packages specially designed for entire organizations who wish to use the DEMOCRACY 2.0 rules of order system.

DEMOCRACY 2.0: Group Membership Bundle for Non-Profits

Group membership in The Solon Academy gives ALL voting members, officers and staff unlimited rights to download, copy and share the PDF versions of The Voting Member's Handbook and all D2.0 supplements & manuals. Officers and Board members are granted free guest memberships to access the members-only portion of the Academy website as Platinum members. Cost varies based on total membership but all groups receive the following benefits:

More About Group Membership


"This book is a treasure for the innumerable organizations that find themselves chasing their tails, or mired in the mirk by conflicting or difficult personalities."

This may well become a foundation document for your organization!
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"This book is a treasure for the innumerable organizations that find themselves chasing their tails, or mired in the mirk by conflicting or difficult personalities.

If your organization is being held back by a lack of clear governance, Democracy 2.0 will provide you with a clear and (most importantly) concise road map of how to free your collective vision from both the fetters of autocratic tyranny, as well as the obfuscation of so-called "consensus" models, that aren't actually models at all, but thinly veiled avoidance and fear of conflict.

I have been involved for years in non-profit organizations, who often give lip-service to rules of order, like "Robert's Rules", but honestly, who has actually read, much less understood the hundreds of rules presented there? How many of them are even applicable in small or even less-than-gigantic organizations?

Mr. Madson has deftly stripped it down to the brass tacks. What you need to know to get your endeavour running like a well oiled machine.

Just the introductory chapter on the fundamentals of democratic process and the foundation of rules of order is worth more than the cost of this book.

You will find yourself wondering why nobody every told you this stuff!
You will wonder why this isn't being taught in every school?!
You will want to share this with every organization you are involved in."
- Kosen Eshu Martin, Osho Abbot, Zenwest Buddhist Society


The text reads very easily and anyone can become proficient in a short time
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"Democracy 2.0 is a must-have for anyone involved in governance or democratic decision making at any level. Rules of order for meetings (Robert's or otherwise) were confusing and the people I worked with only seemed to have a partial understanding of them. Democracy 2.0 spells out the rules of order in the most elegant manner I've seen. It is simple, straight forward, and to the point. The text reads very easily and anyone can become proficient in a short time.

This is an excellent rules system for small to medium size organizations, and also provides a solid foundation to build on for those who wish to study the full version of Robert's Rules or other systems."
- Brian Cockburn, Lang Cove Cooperative


C.D. Madson has degrees in Philosophy, History and Psychology. He is a member of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia (PABC) and the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP). 


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"People who appreciate how to effectively run and manage a meeting are few and far between. But C.D. Madson happens to be one of them. Cool headed and quick on his feet, over the years Mr. Madson has become a veritable connoisseur of Robert's Rule of Order. He understands how to balance debate and flow, can teach you how to respect due process and everyone's time, and isn't afraid to wade into the challenging moments that an important meeting can present. Want to elevate the governance of your meetings to a new level? Give Mr. Madson a call."

- Scott Payne, UFCW Local 401


“A few years ago the Camosun College Student Society Board of Directors had to make a very difficult decision and decided to hire an external meeting chair. C.D. Madson’s calm and professional manner, combined with his advanced knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, allowed him to navigate the complex emotional and procedural issues involved and bring the meeting to a fair conclusion.”
- Michel Turcotte, CCSS Executive Director


"When it comes to parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order, C.D. Madson is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. When I was chairing board meetings of the Camosun College Student Society, he tutored me on Robert's Rules, and was always able to explain even the most obscure rules. I would definitely engage his services!"
- Julian Strongitharm, CCSS Speaker of Council


"I met C.D. Madson In 2004 when he taught a CCSS board orientation workshop on how to use Robert's Rules of Order. He was very capable at handling meetings, always keeping them productive and orderly."
- Vishal Ahuja, CCSS Finance Executive 2006-07


"In comes Mr. C.D. Madson with his copy of Roberts Rules of Order, which had more sticky notes sticking out of its pages than I had ever seen in my life. In the ensuing debate Mr. Madson countered every one of the aggrieved two’s attempts to stall motions and votes and so on, calling out “Point of Order” or “Point of Information” and so forth. Were it not for Mr. Madson and his well-thumbed and insanely well sticky-noted copy of Robert’s Rules of Order democracy may well have been thwarted. C.D. Madson is the best damn Robert's Rules of Order expert I have ever seen!"
- Hilton Erland Ward B.A., B.Ed.