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Has your board chair or strata president got you down? Struggling with some particular hard nut of Robert’s Rules? Do you have a goal in mind but just aren’t sure how to get there within your rules of order? Are you a Chair in need of advice for how to correctly deal with a difficult situation?

The Solon Academy forums are where members can ask Academy experts general questions about rules of order or correct parliamentary procedure. Questions and answers are viewable only by members, so that other members can see the answers to past questions and learn from one another’s tribulations!


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      Q&A for Solon Academy members to discus general and hypothetical questions about democratic meeting procedures and rules of order. Please confine all questions to hypothetical and theoretical questions. Questions about particular real-world circumstances should be handled through the private email Q&A, and will be deleted from the forums by the moderators.
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    • 4 years, 3 months ago

       C. D. Madson