Join the Academy!

The Solon Academy offers a range of membership packages that include consulting support, digital PDF downloads and other services. Each membership level is tailored towards a particular degree of democratic involvement:


Penta•cosio•medimni Level: PLATINUM is designed for Chairs, Presidents, Executive Directors, staff or officers actively involved with the day-to-day operations of a democratic organization.


Hippeus Level: GOLD is intended to provide ongoing support for Board members or active General Members.


Zeugitae Level: SILVER is tuned for General Members who typically attend their AGM and don’t have much direct involvement, but who are keen to learn more.


Thete Level: BRONZE is for those who are casually involved or just getting their feet wet as General Members of a self-governing democratic organization.

  • Individual Memberships

  • D2.0 Basic Digital Kit
  • Private Email Consultation


The Solon Academy also offers group membership for organizations using DEMOCRACY 2.0 as their rules of order.

DEMOCRACY 2.0: Group Membership Bundle for Non-Profits

Group membership in The Solon Academy gives ALL voting members, officers and staff unlimited rights to download, copy and share the PDF versions of The Voting Member's Handbook and all D2.0 supplements & manuals. Officers and Board members receive unlimited email Q&A consulting on topics related to rules of order and democratic procedures.

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