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The Solon Academy offers a range of individual memberships that include various levels of ongoing consulting support, PDF downloads and other services. Each level is tailored towards a particular degree of involvement:


Penta•cosio•medimni Level: PLATINUM is designed for Chairs, Presidents, Executive Directors, staff or officers actively involved with the day-to-day operations of a democratic organization.


Hippeus Level: GOLD is intended to provide ongoing support for Board members or active General Members.


Zeugitae Level: SILVER is tuned for General Members who typically attend their AGM and don’t have much direct involvement, but who are keen to learn more.


Thete Level: BRONZE is for those who are casually involved or just getting their feet wet as General Members of a self-governing democratic organization.

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  • D2.0 Basic Digital Kit
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Group Membership

The Solon Academy also offers membership packages specially designed for entire groups who wish to use the DEMOCRACY 2.0 rules of order system. Group membership grants all members, officers and staff the legal license to download, copy and share the PDF versions of The Voting Member's Handbook and all D2.0 supplements & manuals. Board members and staff are granted separate guest memberships to access the members-only portion of the Academy website as Platinum members.

More About Group Membership


Thete • Zeugitae • Hippeus • Pentacosiomedimni


The Solon Academy has named our membership levels after the original citizenship classes of ancient Athens, in honour of the first democratic constitution in human history. The radical notion that every citizen was equal before the law regardless of wealth or social class arose there 2500 years ago, under the constitutional reforms of Solon: whether Thete, Hippeus or Pentacosiomedimni, in the Assembly you had the same rights to speak and vote. This was a revolutionary idea then as now.


Free men of Athens, these were the salt-of-the-earth labourers, sailors and wage-earners who powered the rise of the Athenian empire. In times of war they would serve as rowers in the powerful Athenian battle fleet or as light skirmishers supporting the hoplites in the army.


Farmers of modest estate who owned their own small plots of land and produced enough wealth to purchase the heavy hoplite armour and weapons. In times of war they formed the backbone of the powerful hoplite phalanx that would defeat Xerxes and the great Persian Empire.


Knights of the ancient world, these were well-to-do landowners and farmers with enough income to provide and maintain a warhorse. At times of war they formed the cavalry and were eligible to stand for election as Strategoi (generals).


These were the wealthy aristocrats of noble lineage capable of paying a hefty tax to the state. In recognition of their status and financial support they were given honours befitting their rank, but never a greater vote than the lowest of common Thete. During war they were commanders and were eligible to stand for election as Strategoi (generals).