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The Solon Academy helps ordinary folks master the necessities of democratic decision-making. Our experts are members of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia (PABC) and the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).

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Academy members receive ongoing help navigating the pitfalls of democratic decision-making.

Member’s Forum

Our forums are where members can ask Academy experts general questions about best practices within democratic decision-making or rules of order. Questions and answers are viewable only by members, and other members can see the answers to past questions to learn from one another’s tribulations!

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Private Email Q&A

Confidentially ask our Academy experts specific questions, protected by the same SSL encryption used for securing credit card information. To receive customized help navigating democratic decision-making all you need is internet access and a Silver or higher membership in the Academy.

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Primary Services


Members in The Solon Academy receive discounts on educational workshops, Q&A support from an expert parliamentarian, unlimited digital downloads of the DEMOCRACY 2.0 rules or order system and much more! Many services are accessible anywhere in the world through our online members-only website.

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We offer training and orientation workshops geared towards the full range of democratic rule systems, including Robert’s Rules of Order, Bourinot’s Rules of Order and our own DEMOCRACY 2.0 Rules of Order. We also offer private workshops and orientation seminars to groups in Greater Victoria.

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The Solon Academy publishes DEMOCRACY 2.0, the KISS alternative to Robert’s Rules of Order. DEMOCRACY 2.0 is a meeting system for practical use by ordinary people facing everyday realities, specifically tailored for small to medium-sized groups.

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Meeting Services

Supporting groups in Greater Victoria and across Vancouver Island.

Proxy Services

Do you have a serious or potentially expensive decision that affects your interests coming up for a vote? Solon Academy experts will stand in your place at the meeting as proxy and advocate, either with or without your attendance. We will work closely with you to plan a meeting strategy that has the best chance to accomplish your goals. Costs start at $400 for up to a 3-hour meeting plus one hour of advance prep, and can go higher if the meeting runs over-time or special preparation is needed. A group of like-minded members who share goals may also act together as a caucus, in order to share costs and amplify one another's votes.

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Private Workshops

The Solon Academy is also happy to set up private workshops, orientation sessions or training seminars for organizations with particular needs. If your organization is interested in our training programs please drop us a line and let us know what your needs are.

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Expert Chairing

Being responsible for chairing a meeting can be challenging and intimidating. Sometimes an outside Chair, free from the perception of bias, can make all the difference in achieving a smooth outcome with buy-in by opposition or minority members, particularly if the subject matter is controversial or high stakes. An external chair can insure the meeting process is not only fair by seen to be fair by all participants, while allowing the President or equivalent officer to focus on advocating for important resolutions rather than worrying about overseeing the meeting logistics. The Solon Academy offers expert meeting chair services for Board, Annual or Special General Meetings, starting at $300 for up to a 3-hour meeting, and can go higher if the meeting runs over-time or special preparation is needed in advance.

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A Parliamentarian is an expert in rules of order and democratic meeting procedure. The role of a Parliamentarian is to provide on-the-spot, objective and politically neutral advice about proper democratic procedure. Unlike hiring a meeting chair, an expert parliamentarian generally stays in the background and is there only to be called upon by the presiding officer (President or Chairperson) in the event that they require on-the-spot guidance. Often just having an expert on hand goes a long way to heading off controversy, or dampening it down quickly should it arise. The Solon Academy offers expert parliamentarian services for Board, Annual or Special General Meetings, starting at $300 for up to a 3-hour meeting, and higher if the meeting runs over-time or special preparation is needed in advance.

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Other General Services

Governing Document Drafting

The Solon Academy provides consultation services if you are founding a new organization or revising the governing documents (Constitution, Bylaws, Policy, etc.) of an existing group. The Solon Academy will work with the relevant individuals to help craft an organizational structure that is democratic, streamlined, efficient and fair. Base cost: $50/hour. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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C.D. Madson, founder of the Academy and author of DEMOCRACY 2.0 publishes a blog with wide ranging tips, advice and insights. Many posts are public, and some are restricted to members of the Academy.

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Private Email Consultation – A La Carte

If you do not have a Silver or higher membership in the Academy, or if you have exhausted your quota of email topics for your current membership level, you can ask our experts specific, confidential questions about democratic procedure under the Robert's, Bourinot's or DEMOCRACY 2.0 rules of order systems. Cost is $50/consultation topic.

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