Testimonial from Hilton Ward

In the mid 1990’s I was a student at Camosun College in Victoria BC, Canada. I had a work-study position as a staff reporter for Camosun College’s Nexus Newspaper. The Nexus had published some articles that were critical of the college’s Student Society’s management of student fees. Student fees added up to quite a large sum – in the vicinity of two hundred thousands dollars per year.

The word passed around that the Student Society was going to attempt to shut down the Nexus at the Annual General Meeting of students.

The Nexus was well regarded by the student body so a number of supporters attended that meeting such that the overwhelming majority of attendees of the AGM were in favor of NOT shutting down the school newspaper.

There were two executives from the Students Society also present at the AGM. These two knew parliamentary rules and were set to pervert the course of justice in the sense that they were able to offset the will of the majority at that particular AGM via their knowledge of how parliamentary procedure works.

In comes Mr. CD Madson – also a student at Camosun College – with his copy of “Roberts Rules of Order” which had more sticky notes sticking out of its pages than I had ever seen in my life. Mr. Madson then proceeded to offset the two Students Society members’ nefarious attempts to bog down the meeting, as his knowledge of Parliamentary procedure was far superior to theirs.

In the ensuing debate Mr. Madson countered every one of the aggrieved two’s attempts to stall motions and votes and so on, calling out “Point of Order” or “Point of Information” and so forth.

Over the course of that AGM, not only was the Students Society’s push to shut down the Nexus Newspaper unsuccessful, but votes were taken to ensure the survival of the paper. Were it not for Mr. CD Madson and his well-thumbed and insanely well sticky-noted copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order” democracy may well have been thwarted.

“CD Madson is the best damn Robert’s Rules of Order expert I have ever seen!”
– Hilton Erland Ward BA, B.Ed.

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